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Year of the RPG: Skyrim – Letter 1

Some time ago, I received a letter from an adventurer named Khalim, who has made his way to Skyrim in search of his sister, Najwa. She was kidnapped from her home in Hammerfell by an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood Read More

Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you to @TheGamingDiary for nominating The Codex: Online for the Sunshine Blogger Award! The Gaming Diaries is an excellent blog where the author invites readers to enjoy opinions and thoughts on not just gaming, but on life as well. A favorite recent Read More

Coming Soon to The Codex: Online!

‘Afternoon friends, First, I’d like apologize for the lack of a post yesterday. Work has been very demanding and my weekend was packed full with all sorts of fun things which left little time for writing a quality post! Among Read More

The Codex: Online is Participating in GameBlast18!

‘Afternoon readers! Join us this evening as we game to raise money for a good cause with GameBlast18! GameBlast18 is a UK based charity that is raising money to help give people with disabilities the opportunity to play some of Read More

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – First Steps

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not your friendly neighborhood RPG. There is no hand holding and there are no epic missions to save the world, but there are lots of people who want you dead and have the means to see Read More

Nintendo 3DS: Where Does it Fit In?

Thanks to some of my fellow bloggers, I’ve recently picked up my Nintendo “New” 3DS XL again. Special credit goes to: Dragon’s Tea Party and the Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge, which gave me the Pokemon bug. I’ve also been experiencing a rather Read More

Most Anticipated Games 2018 – Part 2

Hey gamers. Part 2 of this blog series will follow the format of Part 1. I’m going to list the games in order of closest to furthest release dates. Unlike the first post, this list will have a handful of Read More

Mario Kart Tour

Coming to a mobile device near you! Earlier today, Nintendo announced that it will be bringing one of it’s most beloved series to mobile devices: 2017 saw the release of several other titles from Nintendo to the mobile platform including Read More

Most Anticipated Games 2018 – Part 1

Hey gamers. Tonight I want to take a dive into what we can expect out of gaming in 2018.  This year promises to be a big one for gamers across all consoles and platforms and I know I’ve already got Read More

Monster Hunter World: Choosing a Weapon

Whether you’re a long time fan of the series or you’re stepping into the world of monster hunting for the first time, Monster Hunter World has something for everyone! And it all starts with choosing a weapon. The game boasts Read More

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