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Community Blogging Events

Updated: March 5th, 2018

The folks in the WordPress blogging community are wonderfully talented and friendly people. This page will showcase the events that those friendly and loving folks are hosting/promoting or participating in and will be updated at least monthly.

If you’re aware of a community blogging event and I don’t have it listed below, please let me know so that I can check it out and hopefully add it below for the rest of the community to enjoy!

LaterLevels: Question of the Month


Event is ongoing.

Kim from LaterLevels hosts this event once a month during which time she invites a blogger to pose a question to the rest of the community. At the end of that month, said blogger will choose his or her favorite response and Kim will announce the winner!

This month, Luke from Hundstrasse asks “aren’t games great? And isn’t it even greater when one game spills out into another? So for this month’s question I’d like to know what the best gaming crossover is, and most importantly why? (For the purposes of this question a ‘crossover’ can be anything from a subtle nod to a different game to a full on mashup of two titles.)”


Kim writes that in order to participate this month you should: “publish your answer to Luke’s question at a time that suits you before 25 March 2018 and leave us a link below. There are no rules on word-limit or format so you can be as creative as you like: write a post, record a video, create a drawing, or impress us with another unique idea.”

Ambigaming Corner: The Year of the RPG

Athena Year of the RPG

Event Ends: End of Year, 2018.

Join Athena @TheAmbiGamer and friends for The Year of the RPG.

Athena invites you to join an epic play through of eight RPGs in 2018. The idea is to play through these games alongside the blogging community, while keeping said community posted on the progress of your character by writing back to us with letters signed by [Your RPG Character Here]. Visit The AmbiGaming Corner, check out the rules and list of games; if you’re interested in coming along, make sure to reach out to Athena for the details. I can’t wait to start!

Athena is currently playing through The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! I have already begun my own adventure through Skyrim alongside Athena.



The Well-Red Mage: Asking Big Questions #006

Do Video Games Cause Violence? 


Event is on-going.

@theWellRedMage asks: Do video games cause violence? It’s an interesting question and one that will take time to answer properly. I’ll be putting together my own thoughts on it soon!


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