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Life, Love and E3 with The Codex: Online.

Hello readers, long time no see! I am sorry that it’s been so long since my last post: May proved to be an incredibly busy month for me and June is shaping up to be no different. I have recently Read More

Happy International Women’s Day!

Thank you to all of the incredibly talented women whose blogs I have the pleasure of reading everyday. I am also excited to celebrate the continuously growing presence of strong female leads in the gaming and entertainment industries! Here are Read More

Coming Soon to The Codex: Online!

‘Afternoon friends, First, I’d like apologize for the lack of a post yesterday. Work has been very demanding and my weekend was packed full with all sorts of fun things which left little time for writing a quality post! Among Read More

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – First Steps

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is not your friendly neighborhood RPG. There is no hand holding and there are no epic missions to save the world, but there are lots of people who want you dead and have the means to see Read More

Nintendo 3DS: Where Does it Fit In?

Thanks to some of my fellow bloggers, I’ve recently picked up my Nintendo “New” 3DS XL again. Special credit goes to: Dragon’s Tea Party and the Dragon’s Nuzlocke Challenge, which gave me the Pokemon bug. I’ve also been experiencing a rather Read More

My favorite game for every year I’ve been alive?

That’s a whole lot of games – 26 of them, to be exact. Now the good news is, I have a pretty good idea about how this list will go. The bad news is, I know how this list will Read More

The Legend(s) of Zelda: Most Popular So Far

I just finished reading through an interesting article on https://www.rpgsite.net/news/6716-the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-becomes-the-second-best-selling-entry-in-the-series that lists which Zelda games have sold the most units, worldwide. In my mind, I always sort of imagined that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would hold a Read More

Monster Hunter World: Choosing a Weapon

Whether you’re a long time fan of the series or you’re stepping into the world of monster hunting for the first time, Monster Hunter World has something for everyone! And it all starts with choosing a weapon. The game boasts Read More

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