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Welcome to The Codex: Online.

I, am The Keeper.

The Keeper
“The Keeper” original design. Big thanks to instagram.com/eddsmcduff for the drawing!

The Codex: Online is a collection of game reviews, opinion pieces and news. My task here is to make sure that you have access to complete reviews, the latest news and thoughtful opinion pieces made available by gamers, for gamers.

I do it because I believe in giving a game the time; because I love gaming and have loved it since my first adventure with a 2D side-scrolling Prince of Persia, on floppy-disk back in the ’90s. Mostly, I do it because this approach to gaming allows me to play more games! While still identifying as a fully functional 9-5er, that is. #Adulting

My 26 years has taught me many an important lesson. Primary among said lessons learned, is balance. There’s still a piece of me that glories in losing a Saturday to a particularly good game, but what I’ve come to understand is that it can’t be every Saturday. (…right?)

What can you expect? Open and honest reviews, opinion posts and news. As I play through new games, and in between their reviews, I’ll post what exciting or interesting stories and articles I find. In addition I will post my initial thoughts and impressions, so as to give anyone who is on the fence material to work with before my official review.

When can you expect it? Twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. It might be more, but i’ll always try to make sure it’s not less.

What is your review system? This is still a work in progress. I am aiming to shy away from the traditional numbered (7/10) review system that has become so popular. It is my opinion that too many games fall prey to a system in which anything below an 8/10 is widely considered to be not worth one’s time. I’m not sure what the answer to that problem is, but I’m working on it!

More About me?

My name is William Hoelscher. I’m 26, live in Miami and work as a Healthcare Professional. Alongside gaming, I love to read, like to exercise, sometimes play the guitar, enjoy good scotch and have high hopes that one day I can play in one of Matt Mercer’s D&D campaigns.

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Updated: April 24th, 2018

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