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The Adventures of a Wanna-be Streamer: Episode 1

Hello friends! Welcome to the new and improved Codex: Online. These last few weeks have seen some changes to the page and there are still some minor tweaks left to make, but the progress has been huge and I owe a very special thank you to a very talented graphic designer who will be properly thanked, soon!

Alongside the changes to the page, I’ve been playing lots o’ games, have upgraded my PC and have even tried my hand at Twitch streaming. I’m going to take the opportunity today to not only properly introduce the new page, but to also write about my streaming experience and the amount of work, talent, passion and patience that goes into the craft. Before I continue though, I’d like to ask that anyone who watchers streamers with any regularity to please make sure that said streamers know how much you appreciate their efforts!

Now, without further adieu:

The Adventures of a Wanna-be Streamer: Episode 1
Don’t Stop Talking

Before really giving streaming a go, I watched hours worth of other streamers stream. I also watched many a YouTube “how to” video (like this one from SinfullyRidling) and read through the equivalent top 10 guides on streaming and was pleased to find that a lot of the start up advice is universally agreed upon.

Today’s post is about probably one of the most mentioned tips: Let your inner monologue loose! And if you don’t have anything to monologue about, then it’s time to practice your voice acting. Here’s a clip of a recent Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom stream where I decided to role play as Auntie Martha in a room full of Higgles (I apologize in advanced for the messy room in the background of the stream).

I still have a lot of practicing to do.

React, engage and talk, talk, talk! The strangest part for me at first was talking into a channel where I knew no one was watching. It wasn’t hard, necessarily, which surprised me since I didn’t know I could talk to myself for over an hour. The experience was instead more… awkward? In the same way you feel standing on a stage in front of a quiet crowd of people. Except pretend there are zero people and then you have it.

Ty Baka, another Twitch personality, posted an entire 25 minute video on how to talk to yourself, specifically when you don’t have an audience. My favorite of her tips is one in which she recommends talking to yourself in the car. I have a 45 minute drive to and from work everyday, so I’ve been mixing in this exercise with imitating the voice actors from my audio books.

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I’ve taken to streaming whenever I am going to play a game on PC, but have yet to come up with a schedule. I also need time to set up a screen overlay, fine tune the settings on OBS Studio (a streaming/recording software), create a proper Twitch page, and practice my accents (a good excuse to start up another D&D game). For now, my hat is off to those who have come before me. It’s been a fun experience and a great way to spread the word about The Codex: Online.

Keep an eye out for more updates about my streaming adventures in future posts, as well as on twitter, where I’ll begin posting before and during streams! All feedback is welcome and appreciated. For now, let me know in the comments below about who your favorite streamers are and what your own experiences have been with streaming or publishing video content online.

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