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What makes a gamer tick? Michelle from A Geek Girl’s Guide posted her Gamers Confession Tag in January and it has since been picked up and completed by other blogs including: Extra Life, TwoTall4UFool’s and Falcon Game Reviews. I’ve read each of their posts and really enjoyed what they had to say – make sure to check out all the great insight from some notable bloggers.

A game everyone loves that you can’t stand:

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I love a good shooter and am nuts for MMORPG’s but Destiny doesn’t do it for me. I played through the full Alpha and Beta for the first game, then played for a month after release and never went back.

A game that you love, but no one else seems to:

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I’m a big fan of this series and have played through both 1 and 2 at least twice. When I think about what makes a game “good” though, this series doesn’t bring much to the table. The games are not not particularly challenging, the protagonists do not present a strong character arc to follow and the graphics, even for their time, were not the sharpest.

Prototype 1 and 2 instead present an opportunity for a mindless kind of fun: be betrayed by an evil secret government agency, gain monstrous powers, lose everything, rampage. What’s not to like?

An older game you haven’t finished, and probably never will:

Freedom Force
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Freedom Force came out in 2002 to a mixed bag of reviews. I first played the game by way of a demo CD (remember those?) that came in a copy of PC Gamer, a few months before release. Young me enjoyed the demo so much that I begged and begged until my parents bought me a copy of the full game, only to have played maybe five or six hours into the campaign before growing bored. I haven’t played it since.

A guilty pleasure game:

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I’ve played this game too much. Admittedly though, it’s not just the game that keeps bringing me back but the modding. I first began modding Skyrim in early 2014 and whenever I’m short on games to play, I’ll boot up an old save file and start tweaking.

A game you really love but haven’t played in a long time:

gs dark dawn
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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is the third and last game in the Golden Sun series. I loved this game and was originally introduced to it by a friend who promised me that it was “just like Chrono Trigger!” It actually isn’t just like Chrono Trigger but it certainly was a fun take on RPGs in the early 2000’s.

Thanks to this post and the punch-in-the-gut-nostalgia it has brought on, I’ve just purchased a copy of Dark Dawn (originally for DS) on Amazon for replay. Sadly, the first two games in the series were made for Game Boy Advance and there is no current port for the 3DS or Nintendo Switch.

A game you never play seriously but others do:

Call of Duty WW2
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This is my “blow off some steam” game.
A game you completed but hated it by the end:

Fall out 4
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My first and only Fallout game. I just recently completed it too, after having dropped it for a number of months due to an overwhelming sense of boredom.

A game you thought you’d enjoy, but didn’t:

Every Assassin’s Creed game since Black Flag. I’m still working through Origins though and I’m not hating it, so we’ll see if it delivers.
A game you didn’t think was for you, and then loved:

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When a friend suggested we give Terraria a try, I was hesitant. Minecraft doesn’t tickle my fancy and I figured this would just be another build style game. As it turns out, Terraria is so much more: Building, farming, crafting, RPG, combat and some seriously tough boss battles that force you to think outside the box.

We first started playing on a Friday evening and before I knew it, Sunday night had arrived and I had no desire to stop playing.

A game you are still excited for that hasn’t come out yet:

God of War
“Are you not entertained?!” (Image Credit)

God of War. I’m growing out my beard in anticipation.

– Thank you for reading.

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A game everyone loves that you can’t stand
A game that you love, but no one else seems to
An older game you haven’t finished, and probably never will
A guilty pleasure game
A game you really love but haven’t played in a long time
A game you never play seriously but others do
A game you completed but hated it by the end
A game you thought you’d enjoy, but didn’t
A game you didn’t think was for you, and then loved
A game you are still excited for that hasn’t come out yet

7 thoughts on “Gamer Confession Tag

  1. I once love Assassin’s Creed, but Unity turned me away from the series.I didn’t hate it, but it was kind of meh to me. I do own Syndicate and Origins, so I hope to jump back into the series again someday. I think Ezio’s trilogy will always be my favourite!

    1. The AC series and I have a lasting, albeit complicated, relationship.

      I liked what they built Ezio up to be and what he was able to accomplish as an active assassin and then as Mentor to future assassins. I think the way they tied him into historical events, like the sailing of Christopher Columbus to the new world, was neat too.

      My issue with the series as a whole is not the lore or the world building, but the repetitiveness..,. the routine? The, what I see as, lack of creativity in the game play itself, at least for a few entries. The names. faces and settings were changing but a large part of the game play just felt like a re-skin to me.

      I will say that I am enjoying my rather slow play through of Origins. The game was a nice surprise to me. I will probably also be picking up the remastered edition of Rogue that came out today.

      1. You are totally right about the gameplay issues!.I hope you enjoy Rogue. I loved the sailing parts of Black Flag, and Rogue is more sailing focused. I’m interested to hear your thoughts when you play it!

    1. The adoration is shared. I’ll be honest when I say though that you’re the first person whose ever said as much to me.

      Writing this post and mentioning Prototype and Majora’s Mask has set my mind to wandering at the lack of deep, dark games in today’s game-sphere. Already working on a post for it!

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