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Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Sunshine Blogger Award
The Sunshine Blogger award is a peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity, joy, warmth and any other emotions that you feel when you think about the sun. 

The Codex: Online has been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the witty and well-worded Willtendo! Thank you very kindly Willtendo.

It must be my avatar’s sunny and not at all mysterious disposition that won the nomination 😉

The Keeper
This is my happy face.

A quick note on Willtendo: He focuses on providing written reviews and opinions on Nintendo games and systems. He breaks his work down into three categories and offers something for everyone: Willtendo Rants, Willtendo Ranks and Willtendo Reviews. If you’re not already a fan, please take a moment now to click on one of the above links and discover all the reasons you should be.

The Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination comes with a few rules:


  • Thank blogger(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

Without further ado, on to the questions:

  1. Who is your favorite video game villain? A tough question to start off the list with; names like Sephiroth, Arthas, Happy Jack and Ganon (the original big bad in my gaming career) all come to mind. Originally, Arthas was going to be my choice but then one more villainous character popped into my head: Skull Kid.

    Fans of The Legend of Zelda series theorize that the first time you actually meet Skull Kid is in The Ocarina of Time, when traveling through the Lost Woods. He is the NPC that teaches you Saria’s Song and is happy to hustle you out of 10 rupees for a skull mask, later in the game.

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    The version of Skull Kid that I’m choosing for my answer to #1 though is the character players meet in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. What makes Skull Kid such a great antagonist is that he deals with very real, very scary and very human feelings: loneliness, frustration, fear, loss. Does that make it O.K. to steal Majora’s Mask and then try to drop the moon on the world? Not necessarily. But there’s pain behind his villainy that he obviously can’t cope with and working to free him from it is a dark but beautiful journey.

  2. If you could implement your favorite video game franchise into another form of media, which franchise would you choose and what form of media would it take(television series, film, book, etc.)?One of my current favorite series is The Witcher. The books that inspired the games are all phenomenal, as is a lot of the fan fiction created since the release of the first game. I think that the series could do really well as a TV show: drama, a lot of lore, political intrigue, magic, monsters, sex on unicorns and lots of Geralt.
  3. What kind of archetype(s) do you look for in your video game protagonists? A lone wolf style character. Someone who doesn’t have much but has something to lose. I do like a good underdog or “coming of age” type protagonist too. If I can include class type here as well (using the classic mage, warrior, rogue as my basis) then I lean heavily towards one of two extremes: A sword and board warrior or a sneaky archer. I’m not a mage-y type of guy.
  4. What kind of archetype(s) do you look for in your video game antagonists? I like an antagonist who was in a position of power and has fallen from grace, then sets out to redeem him or herself and takes a path that exists in a moral grey.  They belief that what they’re doing is just, even at the peril of values they once held dear.
  5. What do you feel is the greatest crossover concept in human history? Thanks to the internet, I can tell you what isn’t the greatest crossover concept in human history and that is “The Avengers: Infinity War”. The whole thing makes people so angry.

  6. If you had to give one console manufacturer total dominance of the video game market, who would you choose? Microsoft. I own and enjoy playing games on the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but choosing Microsoft would give me access to games on my PC which is my preferred platform.
  7. What is your favorite film? It depends on my mood, I think, but there are definitely a few movies that come to mind when I roll the word “favorite” around in my head: AnchormanThe Boondock Saints, King Arthur (the Clive Owen movie), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and The Lord of the Rings [series]. Does including a series with three movies make my list 7 movies long? Not sure, but I am of the opinion that all three movies in The Lord of the Rings trilogy need to be enjoyed in order, one after another and whenever possible, should be the extended editions.
  8. If you were guaranteed any career of your choice, what would you go with? This answer may change tomorrow, but I think voice acting is a neat gig: bringing games, books and animation to life with my voice.

  9. How do you feel about the tendency for video games to be blamed for violence? My answering this question will be the first time I’ve publicly commented on the topic and I think the caption from a picture on Reddit’s r/gaming sums up my opinion, perfectly. The caption reads “Fiction in video games, books, movies and music does not create a fascination with violence. The human fascination with violence creates the fiction.
  10. What is your least favorite game mode in any video game? Hardcore. I put a lot of love into developing my avatar/characters and the thought of losing everything, especially if we’re talking about hours or even days worth of work, does not excite me even a little.

  11. What is your favorite game mode in any video game? New Game+ is cool, and I enjoy a good hard mode. Beating a game and then launching New Game+ while simultaneously kicking the difficulty up to the highest it can get usually guarantees a fun times. Games were this works really well include The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. I’ve just recently started up a Master Mode save file in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild too.

My nominees:

The Nerdy Lion

Rachel Poli

For Fods Sake!

That Green Dude

Mr. Panda



Extra Life

Shoot the Rookie

The Gaming Teacher


My questions:

  1. Favorite Game?
  2. Favorite Show?
  3. Now, in the spirit of crossovers: If you could mix your favorite game and favorite show into one super movie, then what would it be about and what would it be called?
  4. Hey now. You’re a rock-star! Get your show on, get paid! What instrument would you love to be a master at playing and what’s the name of your band?
  5. Do you prefer to go to bed early and wake up early, or go to bed late and wake up late?
  6. Dancing has been outlawed in your town and you are the Kevin Bacon that the people need! What dance move would you use to remind your town about the magic of the dance?
  7. You’ve been chosen as 1 of 100 qualified humans to embark on a mission to settle the planet Mars. When you arrive, you’re given the title to a piece of land upon which you could build either a bar or a coffee-shop. Which do you choose to build and why?
  8. Are you left or right handed?
  9. Favorite holiday?
  10. Favorite sport?
  11. Does your favorite sport have a game equivalent (i.e. Soccer/Football and Fifa 2018) and do you play it?


Thanks again to Willtendo for the nomination and thank you for reading!

Ron Burgundy
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10 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #2

  1. Looks like I’ve been tagged again. Thanks! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my reviews that much. I’ll try to have my answers complete sometime next week.

    I myself like a New Game+ mode whenever it allows players to achieve extra endings like in Chrono Trigger.

    1. The pleasure is mine, sir. Since I have you here, do you have a twitter account? I was trying to tag you in something this past weekend and found that I couldn’t find a twitter handle on your page or on twitter.

      1. No, you didn’t miss it; I don’t have a Twitter account or Facebook page. Other than to post my work and comment on the pages of others, I’m not particularly interested in social media. Thanks for the sentiment, though.

  2. Congratulations on the award!!

    You mean you don’t think The Avengers: Infinity War is the greatest crossover of all time?? haha Also, I like the point you make about Skull Kid. That game packs a punch with a lot of serious themes and addresses them all incredibly beautifully.

    Thank you for the mention! I’ll put a post together, and it’ll go up in the next few weeks (possibly the first week in April).

  3. I’m glad you didn’t miss the opportunity to diss Infinity Wars, because that’s totally why I thought up the question. Great response.

    Also with you on voice acting. Let me ask a quick follow-up question: which video game character would you want to voice if given the opportunity?

    1. That is an excellent question and one that has inspired an idea for a post. Stay tuned, Mr. Tendo, and you’ll have your answer soon!

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