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What is the best gaming crossover, and why?

March’s Question of the Month, hosted by the lovely Kim from LaterLevels, comes from Luke @ Hundstrasse who asks: “aren’t games great? And isn’t it even greater when one game spills out into another? So for this month’s question I’d like to know what the best gaming crossover is, and most importantly why?”

I agree, Luke. Games are great and it is even greater when one game spills out into another! So if you want to know what the best gaming crossover is and why, then let’s look at the series that literally has characters spilling everything from Falcon Punches to PK Thunders all over each other: Super Smash Bros.!

Image credit: http://mario.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Smash_Bros.

Now I realize that Super Smash Bros. has been a popular answer for March’s QotM (I’m looking at you, Kevin), but really, how could it not be? Characters from all over the Nintendo-verse and beyond are brought together in epic combat for the number one spot. The series offers match sizes ranging from 1v1 to 8v8 and play modes including team battle and adventure mode.

Outside of the Smash series, I have very little experience with fighting games. What I have come to understand about the fighting game genre though is that story and plot development is not always the focus. So while my post today celebrates Super Smash Bros. as a series, I do want to highlight the story features that Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl introduced: Adventure Mode and  The Sub-Space Emissary, respectively. Both of these campaign style modes offer players hours of fun while they work to collect trophies, in game currencies and unlock characters, maps and even theme music. Both games come with their share of plot holes, sure, but it ends up just being good old fashion fun. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Super Smash Bros.
Image credit: https://www.elconfidencial.com/tecnologia/2014-12-26/nintendo-celebra-su-woodstock-con-super-smash-bros_605250/

Super Smash Bros. features a massive roster of challengers to choose from (Brawl featured 37 characters total). Popular names appear from games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Pokemon and even Metal Gear Solid and each playable character comes with his or her own special skills and unique move set. Do you prefer a faster character? There’s none faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. How about someone a bit slower but with a heck of a punch? Ike is your guy and rumor has it, he fights for his friends.

Alongside the impressive roster is a plethora of in game items to choose from. These items can include a laser sword, tiny mushroom, bob-omb or Pokeball. Super Smash Bros. also introduced an item called the Smash Ball in it’s latest release: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If enabled, the Smash Ball will appear at random during a match and players will need to work quickly if they want to take advantage of it’s game changing power. Whichever player is able to land the final blow on the Smash Ball will be granted the opportunity to use a powerful Final Smash Attack.

Link Final Smash
Link’s Final Smash Attack (gif credit: IGN)

While I did not plan to post my response to the Question of the Month this late, it turns out that waiting couldn’t have worked out better. March 8th, 2018 saw the Nintendo Direct conference, during which Nintendo revealed all sorts of exciting news about upcoming games in 2018 and 2019. The announcement that took the internet by storm though, was for the new Super Smash Bros.!

If you haven’t already watched this trailer, please do that now… In fact, brb – i’m going to watch it again.

Folks world wide have taken to their keyboards to begin speculating about the new challengers that will be joining the roster in the series’ next release. It’s all very exciting, but there’s really only one character that I’d like to see added this time around.

Could this be the year that it happens?

To quote the great Willtendo: Goku…*shudders* (image credit to https://www.forbes.com)

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “What is the best gaming crossover, and why?

  1. Funimation has actually made a comment saying they want Goku in Smash recently, which, horrifically enough, gives the idea some more credence!

    1. I was gonna mention that article as well! You know all the folks who want Goku in Smash are gonna latch onto that SO tightly. It probably also helps that one of the more recent DBZ games has sold infinitely better on Switch than it did on other consoles (I can’t remember the title).

      1. DBZ Zenoverse 2? Ive heard really good things but have yet to try it. I’ll buy two copies though if it’ll help push Goku in Super Smash Bros. 😉

    1. A Final Fantasy character would be a really sweet addition. So many great ones to choose from too – Lightning, Cloud, Sephiroth, Tidus, Vincent, Yuna, Riku…

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