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Year of the RPG: Skyrim – Letter 1

Some time ago, I received a letter from an adventurer named Khalim, who has made his way to Skyrim in search of his sister, Najwa. She was kidnapped from her home in Hammerfell by an assassin of the Dark Brotherhood and Khalim has vowed to find her – whatever the cost.

Khalim has asked for my help in his search. As a Companion to Athena in the Year of the RPG, and as an old friend of Khalim’s father, I have decided to help the young Redguard in his efforts to find his sister.

I have already received a second letter from Khalim, and with it he has included some crude art of the things he’s seen and the people he’s met as well as what may-be the first #SkyrimSelfie ever taken. Once I have had the proper time to study the letter, I will share it here on The Codex: Online.

Here is his first letter:

To The Keeper,

My name is Khalim and I am the son of Adil-Aamir, a merchant from Hammerfell and I believe a friend to you. Before my father died, he made you known to me and told me that I should write you if I ever needed help. Well, friend of my father, I am in dire need of help. Please, help me find my sister.

Najwa was taken from me by a red-haired assassin of the Dark Brotherhood. Last I saw her, she was still alive and I believe the assassin wishes to recruit her into their number. I followed their trail to the border between Hammerfell and Skyrim but that is where trouble found me.

The redheaded assassin who stole my sister is clever and quick. I found many signs of their passage and blindly followed the trail through a bandit’s path across the border into Skyrim. What I found waiting for me on the other side was an ambush of Imperial Guards. There were too many to fight and they were not interested in my pleas. I was labeled a rebel and knocked out, then chained and thrown into the back of a cart.

I awoke some time later and found myself surrounded by Nords who were chained as I was and dressed mostly in rags and old armor. There was one though who was dressed regally, but sat more tightly bound than the others with a gag around his mouth. I learned that this man was Ulfric Stormcloak, a rebel leader and slayer of kings.
None of the prisoners dared speak to me, for fear of the guards that drove the wagon. They took us to a town in the south, just before the mountains, called Helgen for trial and execution. When we arrived, a prisoner attempted to escape but was shot down. I could not believe that this was the end, that I had not only failed my father and mother but my sister as well.

I prayed for a chance, an opportunity to break free and try once more but even as the words left my lips I was led to the headsman’s block. Before the axe could fall though a roar like thunder shook the very ground and a great beast, terrible and mighty, landed inside the town. It laid waste with fire and claws and as the town burned, I ran.

This a strange and dangerous land. I have taken refuge in a small village called Riverwood, at the Inn called the Sleeping Giant. The local Nords are kind but do not hide their suspicion of me well and I fear further trouble with these rebels and their war. Where do I go from here, friend of my father? I must find these assassin’s and save my sister. I will await your reply here for as long as I am able.

May the blessings of Leki reign upon you.


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