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Monster Hunter World: Choosing a Weapon

Whether you’re a long time fan of the series or you’re stepping into the world of monster hunting for the first time, Monster Hunter World has something for everyone! And it all starts with choosing a weapon.

The game boasts a total of 14 exciting (and usually massive) weapons to choose from. There are weapons to fit every kind of fighting style too! From the punishing Great Sword to the middle range Bow, down to the demon style Dual Blades.

Typically, a heavy weapon requires some patience and no small amount of timing but rewards you with high damage numbers when you play it right.

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As you can imagine then, light weapons focus on high mobility and quick attacks and flow well with flashy combos. Then there’s a list of technical weapons including the Hunting Horn and Switch Axe: the Horn works well as a support weapon for buffing parties and the Switch Axe allows the chaining of massive combos, while switching between an axe and sword. This last category is known to take a bit more practice to master, but usually brings a lot to the table for keeping the fight interesting.

The idea is to master one weapon and use the materials you gather from the various monsters you slay to customize and upgrade your weapon and armor through different trees. Depending on your preference, you can build for higher damage, more critical strikes or elemental effects.

I’m partial to the bow myself; able to rain down fire (literally) and brimstone (more like pebbles) from either short or mid ranges, I can target a monster’s weak point and take control of a fight before things get out of hand. As I’m progressing through the game though and running into a broader variety of monster, I’m finding that it could be to my advantage to try out some different weapons. Could you believe some of these critters don’t like to sit still while I charge up my Dragon Piercer shot?

What weapons are you using? Or are you not sure about which weapon suits you best? I definitely recommend working with your housekeeper to visit the training grounds and giving anything that looks interesting a try.  Let me know in the comments below!

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